You Owe it to Yourself

Let’s go. 

Doesn’t matter the place.
We can wrestle over details later.
For right now,
do yourself a favor and
ride out on out of here,
to your favorite hide out
miles south of fear
or northbound
to a little town
to disappear
so I could repeat
our meet and greet. 

I’ll reintroduce myself
as your cowboy,
your eyes
will blink themselves
into my sunrise
so you’ll always know that home
is a faceful of sunset
and a smile full of my pride. 

I’ll lick the postage
you stamp the seal of approval.
Let’s work
on the removal of you
from the mundane. 

We’ll saddle
your imagination,
book inspiration
into your now to take flight
upon planes of existence
that knows no resistance
to your determination. 

you need to know
that you’re free;
that the weight of your obligations
are proportionate
to how much you tip your scale;
that your excuses
only feel like handcuffs
til you decide
you’ve had enough. 

I need you to know
that you don’t have to go
anywhere life may lead;
your heart
doesn’t have to kiss the floor
every time it trips
over something handsome;
that your dreams
don’t need to learn French
to consult more ceilings. 

I need you to know,
you owe no soul apologies,
reasons for being:
on time
on your days off. 

Off days
will feel like
they’re on time
to being early;
your being
will always be late
for no reason
but when your soul,
throws a manhunt for apologies
to betray itself,
I need you to know
you owe it to yourself
to never let go
of you.