Connecting Flights

When her emotions
feel like they’ve been 
stranded at an airport
for half a lifetime
waiting for the next connecting flight, 
hold her hand
and don’t let go. 

She won’t need your words so, 
can them if you can
to the nearest bin
and deposit hope
into her lap
with a sincere smile. 

Let your eyes
voice reassurance that she
won’t be one of many
to compete for your attention;
may it express
that your itinerary maps a future
she can forget her past in, 
that you won’t abandon her 
for taking longer than most
in the security line. 

checking for explosives. 
Patting you down
for reasons you might detonate today,
or tomorrow. 
she may be used to seeing things
blow up in her face, 
but that doesn’t mean she likes it. 
No part of her
has adjusted to find beauty
in the flames. 

So when her touch
feels like it’s tired
of bracing for impact,
embrace her soul
and be gentle. 
Be patient. 

When the time is right, 
you’ll know. 
She’ll look back at you 
as if she’s found
all the pieces of herself
and you
have redeemed them
from the land of lost baggage claims. 

You won’t understand why, 
don’t ask. 
Let her love you
in the silence
of your heart’s connecting flights. 




to your exclusive beliefs 
she doesn’t want to be 
a couple dressed in secrets,
clandestine companions
furtively in fashion
with all things pretty privy. 


She’s told you
on countless occasions 
to make your manifestations of love 
a little more obvious like:
you can at LEAST
change your FB status 
to taken now. 
I mean it’s only been… 


Remember that convo
where her eyes 
uncapped the vials of her tears, 
poured them into your lap
in hopes of saturating 
some part of you
to squeeze into action?
Why does she always
have to plead 
for you to… 


Oh, you said
you’re waiting for the right time? 
Seven years post intros,
five years of exclusivity,
three years of officially
making it verbally official,
and all that falls under
“still dating?”  
I wonder
if she know this? 

She thought
you were building
something together. 
You must’ve thought
her patience was eternal. 
She thought
you were different.

Watched you flirt 
with commitment
to so many other things
other than her, 
that now she questions
why her shadow vows
to even stay.

She wasn’t 
holding out for perfection,
She didn’t beg you
to rescue her,
didn’t ask
if you’d buy her the moon
when your account
boasts of craters bigger
than that found upon it.
She didn’t even take
Beyoncé’s advice 
to force you to put a ring on it and yet, 
she was good to you. 

All she asks now is that you



Let us
synchronize our watches,
temper this quartz,
realign these gears,
to the moments we lost;
the hour hand
to scoured faults,
the minute’s
to those too minute,
the second’s
to those that came second to none,
to the moment before we became

Let us
excavate the grounds
of derelict vows,
expose the time capsule
of abandoned futures;
disinter the words we buried
with our former selves,
splinter them,
place them under our tongues
as they agitate us to be spoken
bleeding broken
seeping open past pursed lips,
to stir our heart’s poles
to kiss once more,
declare divorce
from the schism between.

We will
blur the shadow
of this sundial,
eclipse it with
whatever we have left to muster,
topple over the gnomon,
take its place and declare
Time, within our hands…
Making exclamation points our present,
periods our past,
and question marks?
Our definite future tense…

I’m resetting our clocks tonight,
wake me up in the past,
to a morning you existed as my sunrise.

Rough Draft

I’d like to be drafted,
engaged in combat,
in your daily,
mental warfare
that hijacks the magic
in your smile
more often than not,
that detonates
the best of your days
by sunrise.

I’d like to be enlisted
to your wishlist,
maybe two slots below
carob covered moon pies
but no lower
than vanilla wafers.

I’d like to be recruited
to your fondest thoughts;
traffic your memories
into rush hours so long
pleasure will pray
for the nearest exit.
So we’ll detour to touring
the belvedere of your beauty
’til eyes saunter
your sun soaked skin
into paradise…