New Agenda for 2014 (YOUR suggestion box)

I know I’ve been quiet for the ending of 2013 only because you’ve  all been officially caught up with all my old poems I found worth sharing. (Yes, that means there’s still some in the bank pending review.) lol But I just wanted to let you know that from here on out, everything will be fresh out of my easybake oven (for those who still remember what that is) 😛

My new agenda for 2014 is to start recording my work and sharing it with you all. If you have any poems that you’d personally like to hear recorded feel free to let me know at will.

Due to the fact that I’d love for you to continue coming back I’d like you to make this place your home. That said, this page is officially YOUR suggestion box. I LOVE writing about new topics and I love being challenged. If you’re personally going through some things and would like me to delve into it poetically, drop me a line. If your creative juices are flowing but wasn’t gifted with wordplay, drop me a line. If your English/Creative Writing teacher asks you to write on an interesting prompt you deem necessary to share, DROP ME A LINE! lol Remember, you’re not just a visitor unless you want to be, you’re a voice worth hearing, and THIS is the place to do so.



15 thoughts on “New Agenda for 2014 (YOUR suggestion box)

  1. I Love this poem, “Truth is”. It brings to mind how I want to hear the voice of Christ more. To hear His words more. Take away the blushing and you have the very beginning relationship with Christ.

    Truth Is
    Posted on October 4, 2013
    Truth is,
    your voice
    is one that I’d
    savor the flavor of;
    taste the vintage
    in your alto
    like Southern hymns
    humming harmonies,
    dividing me
    into a quartet
    bent on being
    the soundtrack of our future
    to suture
    the dissonant rhythms
    of our pasts.

    Truth is,
    your frequency
    stations me deep
    into your decibels of eloquence.
    I’m a decimal
    in every sense around you
    when my eardrums crave
    to surround sound you;
    leave me in the wake
    of your hearts’ whisper
    to tether
    what our lips
    fear to admit.

    Truth is,
    I’ve heard the myths,
    the rumor of your gift
    you keep wrapped
    within your voice box
    like an unsuspecting present
    in my presence.
    This is to say
    you sing angelically,
    I can’t imagine it being
    too far from the truth
    when I feel my heart
    applauds for you;
    every time you speak,
    my pulse
    gives a standing ovation
    and I wish,
    my hands
    could summon the right dialect
    to engage you
    in almost conversations,
    past the absent sensation
    of divorced vocal chords
    wanting to make amends in vain.

    • Hello there. Thank you for sharing this but may I ask, how are you getting your comments approved before I actually approve them? I think for everyone else I have to individually approve them but I don’t for yours

    • I don’t know. After the first approval, I never had to wait for my comments to be approve. I thought after the first one that that’s all was needed. Sorry. I didn’t know that wasn’t the norm.

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