New Agenda for 2014 (YOUR suggestion box)

I know I’ve been quiet for the ending of 2013 only because you’ve  all been officially caught up with all my old poems I found worth sharing. (Yes, that means there’s still some in the bank pending review.) lol But I just wanted to let you know that from here on out, everything will be fresh out of my easybake oven (for those who still remember what that is) 😛

My new agenda for 2014 is to start recording my work and sharing it with you all. If you have any poems that you’d personally like to hear recorded feel free to let me know at will.

Due to the fact that I’d love for you to continue coming back I’d like you to make this place your home. That said, this page is officially YOUR suggestion box. I LOVE writing about new topics and I love being challenged. If you’re personally going through some things and would like me to delve into it poetically, drop me a line. If your creative juices are flowing but wasn’t gifted with wordplay, drop me a line. If your English/Creative Writing teacher asks you to write on an interesting prompt you deem necessary to share, DROP ME A LINE! lol Remember, you’re not just a visitor unless you want to be, you’re a voice worth hearing, and THIS is the place to do so.



40 thoughts on “New Agenda for 2014 (YOUR suggestion box)

  1. Thank you for your place.
    A place for all to share their voice.
    For a voice that has been dormant for some time,
    For a voice that no longer has a sound,
    For a voice that is atrophied,
    It now has a place.

    For this voice is ready to make a sound.
    Ready to make some noise,
    Ready to come alive.
    Though the voice is unclear,
    The sound volume low,
    It’s ready to use words,
    It’s ready to use lyrics,
    It’s ready to use silence.

    Silence was once the enemy.
    No vocal sound my prison.
    Deaf to me is the prison guard.
    Heart have found a whisper
    That have awaken the vibrations
    That were thin and ready to brake
    but the soft whisper held on.

    This whisper held on to an old promise.
    A promise broken and broken by no voice,
    by no sound.
    Knowing no voice didn’t understanding the purpose of silence,
    Knowing no sound was miss-educated in what is self,
    The soft whisper held on even tighter,
    that breath was hard without the whisper’s help.

    Soon new thought patterns started to make note
    Cause No sound had no more …
    It stop.
    It started to notice the whisper’s motions.
    It started to take note of sounds not of it’s own
    And decided to follow the purest of sound
    Without understanding,
    Without the right education,
    Without No sound.

    So in pursuit of holy things,
    No sound will start to vibrate
    But not in it’s own accord.
    It will settle here,
    Where it’s voice is worth to be heard,
    Where it is welcome to make a sound.

    You see, No sound is something when in the hands of the soft Whisper.

    • Mic check, mic check.
      1, 2, 3.
      Are you ready?

      Wait, check your mic.
      The sound is just not right.
      Mic check, mic check.

      The noise you’re making
      The disturbance your causing.
      You’re not ready.

      What happen.
      That is not your tone.
      Mic check, mic check.

      What are these notes.
      What are these silences.
      Where did you go.

      Come back, come back.
      Mic check, mic check.
      1, 2, 3.

      I’m listening, I’m listening.
      Come back, mic check
      Did you hear?

      A whisper.
      A peace.
      The truth.

      Mic check, mic check.
      1, 2, 3.
      I’m ready.

      Praise God!
      I’m ready.
      To make sweet melodies unto You.

      So lets hear whisper.
      Lets convey the whisper.
      For it’s about the whisper.

      It’s not about my sound.
      It’s not about my noise.
      It’s about the Holy One in the Most High Place.

      Mic check, mic check.
      1, 2, 3.
      Please pass the mic to my Savior.

      It’s best to hear Him than me and you.
      Meekness is His sound.
      I will place my mic down.

      Ear check, ear check.
      1, 2, 3.
      Are you ready to listen?

      Mind check, mind check.
      1, 2, 3.
      Are you ready to accept?

      Soul check, soul check.
      1, 2, 3.
      Are you ready to change?

      Let down your mic.
      Surrender your mic.
      Submit your voice.

      Savior is the only sound.

      • Smile.
        Your are loved.
        You are cherish.
        You are appreciated.
        You are hope for.
        You are believe in.
        You are precious in His sight.

        He fights for you.
        He cares for you.
        He trust you.
        He adores you.
        He reaches for you.
        He’s near you.

        You’re not alone.
        He’s by your side.
        You are not abandon.
        He’s holding on to you.
        You are His.
        He is for you.

        And be loved.
        And be cherish.
        For His love is immeasurable.
        For His love is unfathomable.
        For His love is for you.
        Smile and be His.

        For He is unstoppable.
        For He is all powerful.
        For He is merciful.
        And He is for you.
        He wants what’s best for you.
        His thoughts are not like our own.

        Praise God!
        Jesus lives!
        He’s coming back for you.
        He left His Holy Spirit for you in the meantime.
        He’s here for you.
        Be for Him.

        You have all you need in Jesus Christ.
        Everything will be alright.
        Give your all to Him.
        He smiles with you.

        Smile. 🙂

  2. Being here is too much
    I don’t know what to do
    I know I can’t go back
    I don’t want to go back

    I choke when I’m here
    This place of invite
    This place of welcome
    This place to be me

    Who is that anyway
    The person I started
    I loved
    The person I ended
    I hate

    The one I loved
    is gone
    The one I hate
    still lingers on
    Who am I now

    Do you hear Him
    Come unto me
    And I will give you rest
    I can tell you
    Who you are

    Read of me
    Speak to me
    Listen to me
    Ask of me
    Do for me
    Be for me

    Shaking back and forth
    Shaking back and forth

    I don’t understand
    You should want nothing of me
    Nothing near me
    Nothing from me
    I don’t want me
    Look what I did to you

    And you know what He said
    I still want You

    Here I am
    in this place

    And He still wants me

    What am I to do

    Read of Him
    Speak to Him
    Listen to Him
    Ask of Him
    Do for Him
    Be for Him

    I think I’ll start with
    Read of Him

    O how I want to read of Him
    O how I desire to know more
    And yet it’s too much
    It shouldn’t be in my hands
    I am not worthy

    He said
    I know
    Still read
    Know more
    Don’t stop
    Go on
    I’m here
    Won’t leave
    Get up
    I’ll help

    I don’t deserve this place


    I’ll stay

  3. I couldn’t sleep tonight.
    I couldn’t sleep last night.
    Nor the night before last
    Nor the night before that

    Sleep is no longer for the night.
    Which is a problem for day.
    Which is a problem for me.
    I want to see light.

    I don’t really see light in the day.
    That’s where light suppose to be
    But darkness is in my day.
    Darkness is in my way.

    The Way, The Truth, The Light.
    There’s no light.
    I can’t see the way.
    Where’s truth?

    What’s left is truth.
    I’m asleep when there’s light.
    I’m blind to the way.
    Where is truth?

    It’s day time
    and light is not allowed.
    It’s night time
    and I can’t speak.

    I can’t see.
    I can’t speak.
    I can’t cry.
    I can’t shout.

    Now I’m . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I want light.
    Where’s the light?
    Where’s the way?

    I know where truth is
    and I don’t want
    another confirmation
    that I’m no Good.

    O How I want The Light
    and yet don’t
    want light.

    O How I want The Way
    and yet don’t
    want to see.

    O How I want The Truth
    and yet don’t
    seek the truth.

    Trying is no longer enough.
    Thinking is no longer enough.
    More is demanded.
    Courage is demanded.

    Fear is in the darkness.
    Fear is in me.
    and it hurts.




    I’m still here
    and yet, it seems,
    Truth scares me.
    Truth is what I still seek.

    The truth is not my own.
    I lie to myself to make it thru no light
    And I keep hitting the walls.
    His Truth would put an end to fear.

    Before the next light
    I will get ready
    To leave the place of darkness
    and venture for The Truth.

    I’m excited of this thought.
    Whenever I don’t go and seek
    I’m disappointed with myself.
    So I will try again to go and seek.

    I know I’m no Good.
    I know I’m scared.
    But He calls me.
    He still calls me.

    I’m here in this place of darkness
    and He calls me.
    I want to find Him.
    Not me.

    I had enough of me.
    I want Him thou I’m scared.
    I want Him thou I’m scared.
    I want Him thou I’m scared to death of what will happen
    and what will happen next and beyond.

    He waits for me
    and I don’t want Him to wait any longer.
    So here I go thru the darkness
    Tumbling, crawling, reaching, stepping out.

    I know I’ll fail Him.
    I know I’ll disappoint Him.
    Yet I am willing to seek Him.
    I need help with the praying though.

    I know it’s not enough
    But it’s what I have.
    Courage is so small.
    Determination is so tiny.

    I’m so out of focus
    That I can’t see Him.
    But I can hear Him.
    Saying “I’m the truth, the way and the light”

    So even though the place I sleep and dwell
    Is in darkness
    Even though I don’t speak with my lips
    He hears me and calls to me.

    Come unto me
    Come unto me
    And I must go
    And I must go.

  4. How to smile
    through screams

    How to smile
    through thunder

    How to smile
    through yelling

    How to smile
    through crashing

    How to smile
    through the bellowing

    How to smile
    through the cracking

    How to smile
    through the bashing

    How to smile
    through the thumping

    How to smile
    when drowning in negatives

    When it’s so loud
    Can’t hear the positives

    Can’t decipher positives
    Can’t perceive positives

    How do I smile
    when it’s not okay

    When told not to lie
    When told not to cry

    How do I smile

    How do I smile
    when the negatives follow me

    When they consume me
    When they bury me

    To focus on Holy things eludes me
    To focus on Holy things evades me

    Keep looking
    Keep searching

    A smile will come
    A smile will come

    When you don’t notice it
    When you stop
    A smile will come

    A smile will come

    He will come

  5. Say something or I’m giving up on you.
    It’s a song I heard today.
    Say something or I’ll walk away.
    Is what I heard today.

    You know what I heard before this?
    “You have to play the game.”
    What game?
    Say something or I’m giving up on you.

    I don’t like this expression:
    “You have to play the game”.
    I don’t see this as holy.
    I see this as worldly.

    Maybe I’m walking around blind.
    Maybe you’re walking around blind.
    Fix on Christ.
    Or fix on ….

    Say something or I’m giving up on you.
    What a song.
    It’s not my song.
    Or maybe it is.

    It’s mine because I’ve felt this way.
    But I’m the one left behind.
    What should I have said?
    Say what wasn’t there?

    Should I have gave in
    To the box that they have made for me
    And be who they wanted me to be
    Even though it went against me

    Should I have gave in
    when it hurt to be around you
    when it hurt to accept your role
    place by someone who couldn’t see me

    Say something or I’m giving up on you.
    I can’t image Christ saying that to me.
    Say something or I’m giving up on you.
    Sorry I won’t play your game.

    Christ wouldn’t give up on me.
    Why should I give in to your game.
    I’ve fought your idea of me.
    I’ve also hid from me.

    I want Christ’s Words for me.
    “I am here”.
    “I am reaching out to you, for you”.
    “I will never leave you”.

    Those are my new songs.
    My sweet melody of love.
    My sweet melody of forgiveness.
    My sweet melody of faith.

    You see, I don’t want to play the world’s games.
    I want to be true only to Christ.
    This endeavor is not a game.
    It’s my goal unrecognized by others as a goal.

    I understand that I will be alone in their eyes.
    They can’t see Christ there beside me.
    They can’t see Christ in front of me.
    They can’t see my Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

    I’m not alone reading at the bench.
    I’m not alone eating at the table.
    I’m not alone praying in my secret place.
    I’m not alone walking in the narrow way.

    There’s no understanding of me.
    Why would there be?
    I’m trying to be like Christ.
    And no one understands Him.

    Playing the game effects the clear image of Christ.
    Truth is Truth.
    The Way is The Way.
    I follow His Truth, His Way.

    So, if you want to give up on me,
    Go ahead
    For you and I weren’t meant to be
    Or our time together is up.

    Your actions will no longer change my goal.
    Your words will no longer defined me.
    I’m taking back Who defines me.
    I’m reestablishing my main goal as a real goal.

    Yes, I know, I walk alone.
    But I walk alone with Christ.
    I no longer fear to be alone.
    With Christ, everything will fall into place.

    You don’t defined me.
    You don’t defined my future.
    Weather you like it or not,
    Weather you give up on me or not,
    Christ’s plans will come to life.

    Weather I’m rich or poor,
    Christ’s plans for me will come to past.
    Weather educated or not,
    Christ’s plans for me will come to past.
    Weather beautiful or not,
    Christ’s plans for me will come to past.
    For Christ’s plans for me are not defined by you.

    For He tells me not to catch up to you.
    For He tells me not to run after your designs for me.
    For He tells me not to catch up
    For I know your pace
    It’s nothing like the others.
    Stop running from them.
    Stay near Me.
    Take My hand.
    I’m Not Going No Where.
    I’m Not Leaving you Behind.
    Please Believe That

    He won’t stop speaking to me.
    Say something or I’m giving up on you
    Is no longer my song.
    There’s no games here being played.

    He put His Words in song for me
    To replace those that were killing me.
    He put His Words in song for me
    To direct me to His Love for me.

    Jesus Christ knows how to reach me.
    He sings.
    I sing.
    We sing.

    I know my future.
    And He, my Jesus Christ, will help me get there.
    One step at a time
    I will meet Him in the sky.

  6. The Master of Waiting

    No one can defeat the Master of Waiting.

    Not an expecting mother to be
    Nor an expecting father to be
    Nor an expecting sibling to be
    Can match the Master of Waiting.

    Not a student after an entrance exam
    Nor a student after the final exam
    Nor a parent after both exams
    Can come close to the Master of Waiting

    Not a person after a job interview
    Nor a person still searching for work
    Nor a person going back to school
    Can even comprehend the Master of Waiting.

    Not a man waiting on her to say yes
    Nor a woman waiting on their first kiss
    Nor a husband and wife becoming one
    Can fathom the length endured by the Master of Waiting.

    You see the Master of Waiting has been waiting
    Since before the birth of our planet.
    He has been waiting before Christ
    And now He’s waiting after Christ.

    He’s waiting for our actions to fit our words.
    He’s waiting for our surrender.
    He’s waiting for our decision.
    He’s waiting for our love.

    He’s waiting to forgive us.
    He’s waiting to comfort us.
    He’s waiting to help us.
    He’s waiting to receive us.

    We are not the ones in waiting,
    Though we act as if He has kept us waiting.
    We are the ones holding things up,
    While He waits on the joy over us.

    Everything we are, He gave.
    Everything we need, He gave.
    Everything we have, He gave.
    And we still keep him waiting.
    Though He doesn’t want for not.

    His timing is perfect
    and yet we wait.
    Waiting for what?

    We are holding up the most joyous of reunions,
    Not Him.
    We are holding up the most joyous of loves,
    Not Him.
    We are holding up our own happiness,
    Not Him.
    We are holding up all the good He has for us,
    Not Him.

    We are here waiting on Him
    When He is waiting on us
    To Stop the waiting.

    All good things comes from Him
    All wonderful things comes from Him
    All the love we want comes from Him

    Happiness is Him
    Love is Him

    So why are we waiting
    So why are we hesitating
    So why are we indulging fear

    Fear is not of Him

    So Stop

    I’m in waiting

    But not as much as He
    Who has moved from heaven to earth for me
    Who has lived as I to be closer to me
    Who has died to make sure there’s a way back to Him

    The Master of Waiting knows how to wait.
    What am I doing while I wait?
    Nothing compared nor can be compared
    To the Master of Waiting.

    So decide and walk in that decision.
    He promise you won’t walk alone.

    He’s waiting on my decision.
    He’s waiting on me to carry out that decision.
    He’s waiting on me to ask.
    He’s waiting on me
    To let Him do and be for me.

    I’m not the one in waiting.

    He is.

    He’s still waiting.

    He waits.

    • This poem is my response to Your poem Waiting. I just thought that this here, in the poem Waiting, is nothing compared to the waiting that our Heavenly Father is enduring for us. I like your poem Waiting. I just can’t help but think that all that is mentioned would be so much better when we stop waiting and start living for Christ. It wouldn’t be waiting. It would be living for Christ.

  7. Your words can either bring life or death unto someone else.
    I wish I can say that my words brought life every day
    But I come short of speaking life unto someone else.
    I figured that it would help to read the Words of Life every day
    But the trick is to read the Book of Life then share it with someone else.
    It shouldn’t matter if you’re given words of death every day
    But it sure would help if you’re given a break by that someone else.
    Maybe the effort to read the Words of Life every day
    Won’t seem so lifeless and life can shine unto someone else.
    It’s sad that the voice of certain persons makes me cringe every day.
    Where is the love for that someone else?
    I should search for that Love every day
    Then maybe I will be able to love someone else.

    Thanks for your words of life in the words of Just in Case You Forget.
    Words of life is far and few and it’s nice to have a reminder that there is life.

  8. Here’s some things that would help to speak Life:
    1. Decide to speak life
    2. Learn the Words of Life
    3. Share the Words of Life
    4. Pray
    5. Pray to receive the Words of Life from the Giver of Life
    6. Seek always the Giver of Life (Not a boyfriend/girlfriend, not a wife/husband, friend, nor family, nor co-workers, nor your boss, nor your teacher, nor your coach, nor a stranger)
    7. Surround yourself with the things of the Giver of Life
    8. Forgive
    9. Think of the Giver of Life, think on the things of the Giver of Life
    10. Remember that the Giver of Life Loves you

  9. You’re beautiful,
    just in case
    you might not feel like it.

    Just in case,
    he didn’t notice you were,
    or his eyes
    have defined beauty
    to no longer look
    homonymously like you.

    Just in case,
    it didn’t sound genuine
    after you pointed out the fact that
    you’re wearing one of his “favorites.”

    Just in case,
    it was meant
    for the woman behind you,
    beside you,
    to the you
    they mistook you for,
    as if you aren’t worthy
    of the compliment itself.

    Just in case,
    they sell you the lie
    to hide behind makeup
    to buy into their
    campaign of acceptance.

    You’re beautiful,
    inside and out.
    You’re beautiful,
    without the filters.

    Just in case you forget,
    when no one else
    seems to care or notice,
    you are beautiful.

    You are beautiful
    Just the way God has made you.

    Christ will always see you.
    Christ will always notice you.
    Christ always has good things that are just for you.
    Christ always accepts where You are now.
    Christ will always lift you higher.

    Just in case you forget,
    when no one else
    seems to care or notice,
    you are beautiful.

    Even when you don’t think you are,
    Christ will always think you’re beautiful.

    • I hope you don’t mind me adding to your work.

      Not that I’m making an excuse by saying this but, I just can’t help think that Christ does after certain parts in the poem. Despite ourselves and others, Christ thinks we’re beautiful. He thinks we’re worth fighting for, to suffer for, to died for. I’m not even close to being worthy of His thoughts and actions and yet ….

      It’s nice to have a reminder that there’s One who thinks kind things of you and is willing to tell you those things every day. It’s really nice, thank you Heavenly Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. No words thought of nor spoken can express my gratitude. Thank you.

      • I don’t mind at all. All here are encouraged to contribute what’s on their minds and hearts as long as it’s positive.

  10. I just want some words of Life.
    Words I can’t give.
    Words I can’t make.
    Words of Christ.
    Words from Christ.

    You, You don’t deserve this.
    Look at what I have to offer.
    You don’t deserve this.
    All I do is fall and suffer.
    All You do is still offer.

    When are You going to Stop?

    I will always reach for you.
    I will always aid you.
    I will always love you.
    I will always see you.
    I will always hear you.
    I will always want you.
    I will always work for you.

    Are you going to take My hand?
    Are you going to stop getting up?
    Are you going to reach for the Giver of Life?
    Are you going to stop asking and take what I’m offering you?
    Are you going to get up and take My hand?

    I’m not going anywhere.
    Remember, I know you.
    I know you want to be with Me.
    I am with you.
    So, take all the Words of Life you need.

    Don’t worry if you fall asleep.
    I will wake you up.
    I will lift you up.
    I will hold you up.
    I will keep you.

    You are mine.
    No one can take you from me.

    No one.

    Which one is it going to be?
    The choice is yours.

    You already know my answer.

    I choose Life.

  11. I Love this poem, “Truth is”. It brings to mind how I want to hear the voice of Christ more. To hear His words more. Take away the blushing and you have the very beginning relationship with Christ.

    Truth Is
    Posted on October 4, 2013
    Truth is,
    your voice
    is one that I’d
    savor the flavor of;
    taste the vintage
    in your alto
    like Southern hymns
    humming harmonies,
    dividing me
    into a quartet
    bent on being
    the soundtrack of our future
    to suture
    the dissonant rhythms
    of our pasts.

    Truth is,
    your frequency
    stations me deep
    into your decibels of eloquence.
    I’m a decimal
    in every sense around you
    when my eardrums crave
    to surround sound you;
    leave me in the wake
    of your hearts’ whisper
    to tether
    what our lips
    fear to admit.

    Truth is,
    I’ve heard the myths,
    the rumor of your gift
    you keep wrapped
    within your voice box
    like an unsuspecting present
    in my presence.
    This is to say
    you sing angelically,
    I can’t imagine it being
    too far from the truth
    when I feel my heart
    applauds for you;
    every time you speak,
    my pulse
    gives a standing ovation
    and I wish,
    my hands
    could summon the right dialect
    to engage you
    in almost conversations,
    past the absent sensation
    of divorced vocal chords
    wanting to make amends in vain.

  12. I sometimes think I’m crazy to think that I have a God who loves me so much, but it’s true. God does loves me with an amazing love that he came to earth to show me the way, He died for my sin, and rose up from death to claim me as His own. Christ is still showing me that He loves me. What He has already done is enough but His love can’t stop, he won’t stop His love for me.

    He doesn’t only love me; He loves you too. He came to earth to show you the way. He died for your sin and He arose from death to claim you as His own. Sounds crazy, but it’s the truth.

    I want to live in this truth, His truth, that Christ loves us. He is near to us always. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Yes, I think I’ll live in His truth and not think I’m crazy. How about you? Do you accept His truth? Will you accept and believe that Jesus Christ loves you?

    The Bible tells all about His love for us. So find out about His Love for yourself. Read the Bible. Pray for His Spirit to be with you while you’re reading His Words through the Bible. You will know what I know now; that Jesus Christ loves us this much. It’s a beautiful truth to know and live by. God loves me. God loves you. Amen.

    No poetry today, just the truth. A truth to live by that will keep you smiling. 🙂

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