Gone Are the Days, When I Knew You Better

I was ready for the change,
or so I thought.
They said it would come,
said it was caused by your
hormones and that
I just needed to be
understanding and supportive,
and I was.

The moment you came out
after two hours in the restroom,
I knew that rest
would become as obsolete
as this night.
Your dimples punctuated your smile
you told me to sit;
slid your tendrilous fingers
between the slit
of my button downs
then licked
the dip of my heartbeats and
two words later left us
clenching sound between teeth
with our bodies left weak,
pulsating ‘neath sheets
and loving you more
than a heart unbroken,
more than the day
you existed as a wish
upon scars.

Your girth grew to birth two
your mammaries accommodated
your hips accentuated
and I’m positive that your lips
turned French on me
you became très jolie
and what kind of man would I be
to leave you now?

Then it started.
Your emotions
were like tumbleweed,
I became dyslexic
to your body language,
so febrile from your temper
that the embers of our love
only glowed with regrets.

When did you stop seeing me,
and I you?
Since when did making life together
mean living life apart?
Please, just let me know
if you’re still in there,
that the days I knew you better
will give birth to you
once more.