Silent Confession

I woke up
with inspiration
wedged within,
like splinter beneath nail-bed,
bleeding for liberation.

Woke up
in veneration
that today?
Would not be a subtle iteration
of yesteryear.

I could’ve sworn
this morn would be the day.
The day that
chisel was introduced to stone,
ink encountered papyrus,
quills quenched thirst
in parchment papers,
pens made amends
with 8.5 by 11’s,
stylus would
script to screen,
voice would dictate
and Siri would scribe something monument!
Something golden,
something platinum,
something molten!
Something so fire,
firefighters would
standby to admire this
as a dire cause to retire.



Lifetimes later,
the ghost of you has haunted
more than my heart from loving.

You were more
than a fleeting muse,
more than a mere distraction,
more than mortal tongue can fuse
futile words into a fraction
of what you meant to me.

did you mean to me?
The question
your absence answers better
than I can conjure a response.

The easier humanity
made it for us to communicate,
the harder it was for me to tell you:

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make me happy,
when skies are gray...”


8 thoughts on “Silent Confession

  1. Hi I don’t know you but you seem like a nice guy and you seem like you really love/like this girl… Have you ever spoken to her about how you feel? Where is she gone as you keep speaking about her absence?
    Sorry for personal questions but sometimes it’s easier talking to a stranger…

    • Quite alright. It is sometimes easier talking to strangers. To be honest though, I wrote this in response to a prompt. I’m a perspective writer so my poems don’t necessarily reflect my actual life although some might. This one was actually overall about loss. What inspired it was writer’s block actually and then it lent itself to other ideas that I didn’t initially consider. But thank you for taking the time to read it.

    • Inspiration. Ghost was the word I had to write about from the daily prompt and this poem was my mind’s response. It seems like specifics can’t be deduced if you’re asking these questions and that’s good. Exactly what I was going for as readers will take what they want from it and they won’t necessarily be wrong.

  2. Cool. I think there’s two parts to this poem. I was going to ask why call it silent confession but the second part of the poem is the silent confession that inspiration brought to the light. The second part starts with lifetime.
    Anyway, those are my thoughts on this poem.
    It’s a beautiful poem.
    Inspiration brought about the source of sunshine but for me it’s not lost. He is alive and well and is coming back to take us home.

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