Don’t move.
Stay under the covers.
If there ever
was a day to be lovers,
let’s commence with this morning
with my arms
as your sheets,
my chest,
your pillow.

Motionless in silence
give my hands guidance
and twine them within yours.
Fold gently towards ceiling,
point through roof,
through clouds,
through sky
in thankfulness
to Him who brought us nigh.

Let love
make her bed between us,
and we’ll fill in the gaps
with something more
than our bodies meshed
flesh to flesh.

Let your mind rest
in the solace of the moment.
As we lie abreast
let us connect
like ocean to ocean.
Seamless in unity,
take this dance with me.

I won’t promise you the moon,
won’t promise you tomorrow,
but in the borrowed time we have
I promise to love you
in the now
’til kingdom come
and His will be done in us.

I promise to be
your haven
away from heaven,
your love
amongst the loveless,
I promise
to be yours.


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