While You’re Up There

While you’re up there
carving clouds
and scraping star dust,
I hope you think of me.

When you touchdown
in a different city,
may the rays of its lights,
the curb of its streets
and unfamiliar faces
do their best
to welcome you
to the change of pace.

When you unravel,
get settled
into the warmth
of foreign sheets
I wonder
if you’ll still dream of me.

Truth be told,
I missed you
when the news
of your departure
boarded the plane of my reality.

Your itinerary
seemed to camouflage
with escape routes
of all those who left me
embracing hands with loneliness
for company.

But I will wait for you,
pray for safe return
to love you while here
and even more
while you’re away. 

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