when we watched the sun
skinny dip off the tip
of the earth?
You could’ve sworn you heard
the splash of colors
hit the sky and drip
back into your eyes.

the amber,
the embers we tempered,
we tampered to glow
as we smoldered our souls
to burn
just as slowly,
wholly for one another?

the eve when our atoms
first met,
our tainted genesis
we could never forget.

When “I miss you”
felt crippled and maimed,
weak and estranged
escaping our tongues,
hollow as breath
evading our lungs;
when our essence,
our electrons thirsted,
yearned for the valence
of each others.

No one dared
to skin our proximity,
our affinity,
closer than milliseconds.
We addressed each other
in first person
as if our genes
were stitched at the seams,
an affixed eclipse
of identities.

when our infinity,
“forever and a day”
was once a stranger
to expiring.
when it sunk
with a truth so deep
it was anchored
to the ocean floor.

when we looked
forward to futures,
building monuments of memories
never destined to be dismantled
by eternity.

You can scribe me
into your footnotes,
as if I was something
worth remembering
and I’ll pen you
into the margin of my ribs
for inspiration,
my favorite event
this side of our horizon.