My Unsaid Truths

She told me
that she found her
in every halfhearted embrace,
its awkwardness,
in my save face release.

She told me
she heard her,
pacing in my dreams;
my lips,
telling her to wait
but my sheets
were far too impatient.

She said,
she caught her
in the reflection of my eyes
and now knows
why my attention is divided
in more corners
than she’d care to search for.

She says,
that she’s seen you
in the sincerest parts
of my smile
in the form
of a missing person’s flyer
and the only way
it could look more genuine
is with your redemption.
You’ve photo-bombed
every frame we shared as special
with an album
of your absence.

But still,
she says
she loves me;
more than your jealousy
ever alluded me to believe.

She says,
she loves me
because she chose to
before ever meeting you,
in my thoughts,
my touch,
our old songs
that plummet my emotions
into a marathon
of missing,
needing you.

She says,
she’s harvested enough love
to go through the winter
of my affections alone.
But the truth is,
although I miss having your mind
dwelling symbiotically with mine,
the eviction of your essence,
your memories,
of you,
is far overdue.

Accept this plea
for release,
and I’ll let our past go
at ease.

4 thoughts on “My Unsaid Truths

  1. Why havent icame across your blog earlier? Oh my…..
    Now thats a mistake of a century.

    Anyhow. The poem. Jealousy and anger, and self pity, and all other negative emotions surely are evoked by love, but at the same time, when love reaches the level of purity and honesty, it conquers all.

    Im so happy you stumbled across my blog. Because thats how i found you and your outstanding poetry.

    • ” when love reaches the level of purity and honesty, it conquers all.” – Allow me to adjust my focus into those words for a moment and I’ll be back with another poem. Love the notion and verity of the truth in that phrase.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by but here you go inspiring me to write more on my own blog. Haha I love it! 😀

      • Its called friends with benefits in these waters of wordpress hahahahaha
        Im glad im inspiring! Will be looking forward to see what you will come up with!

      • Friends with benefits already?? Well that escalated rather quickly. lol I should be posting something fresh out the oven this afternoon to start one of many for 2014. 😀

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