Rag Doll

from hand to hand,
like transactions
worthy of a refund,
born a child of neglect,
of regrets.

from the dungeons
of reluctance,
eternal wounds
weeping for a healing
that’ll never come.

Destined to be orphaned
of attention and wants
while I gifted your lips
with temporary smiles,
funded your loneliness
with silent company,
throbbed to beats
from heavy, midnight chest,
cleansed with every gem
in eyes of every lover
weeping to the night’s twins
for a double blessing:
to heal hearts
and redeem lifetimes wasted
with I.

from the lowliest streets
of souls avenues,
from defaced homes,
and catacombs
of poisoned love.
once called me
worth your time,
your efforts
to keep me
filling the gaps
of your convenience,
between the reels
of painful memories
you playback to soundtracks
of melodic medicine,
I never showed up
in your credits,
although I could’ve sworn
I was your best
supporting actor.

I still hold
your sewing needles in place,
like flowers within vase
as if
they belonged;
for dolls,
For we


4 thoughts on “Rag Doll

    • Wow! You may not know this just yet, but 9:11 is the time I catch by accident at least once a day and I certainly caught it this morning when you posted this comment. What a coincidence. Very glad that you stopped by today and feel free to come again any time. 🙂

      • 9:11 thats the new time frame for me to always leave a comment for you.
        (Even though im assuming we are divided by time difference?)

      • Wouldn’t it be crazy if we just happened to be in the same time zone?? I wholeheartedly approve of your new venture btw. 😛

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