Edit Me Into

Underline me.
Stencil the image you’ve conjured
with your vulnerable imagination
of who you think I am;
that I may stand perpendicular
to the ground I’ve lost
and we’ve sought

Map the constellation of my essence.
Magnetize me to your sextant
and trust that I’ll guide you,
past my too many
unsaid truths,
and these waterfalls
of hidden realities.

Crucify me to a constant,
if it makes your faith perpetual.
For I know your vessel’s broken,
but we can drift
into the abyss of the future,
seasick and clinging to life’s ruins.

Splice me
into your genetic blueprint;
code me as recessive
and dominate my weaknesses
to mesh my faults
into your strengths,
our memories
to be in sync;
for we were always

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