My eyelids were startled awake
by these artificial lights
they tend to ignite
without “informed consent,”
to interrupt my daydreams.
How dare they
staccato my visions to
check my “vital signs.”
My rhythm’s fine,
aligned with syncopated
common time fuming
from the jazz bar
you just barged yourself into;
and now you introduce yourself?
How typical…

Wishing to
transform these bulbs
into the floor’s essence
to give more meaning to their name
I size up this newbie;
hoping to relay the message.
She glared back,
as if my message needed postage
to be received,
as if it were a cryptex replica,
that can only be deciphered
by projecting a riddle
onto her optic disks.
Well, you can keep your two-cents
in that barking meter mouth of yours.
I don’t need to hear your opinion
of what you “think” I’m saying
and I hope,
the verdict of your senses
are expeditious in expiring.
As they ferment on your tongue
you can choke on your PhD,
and every other acronym
that adds another zero
to your pride and…
I hope you do good today,
sweetheart .
You remind me of my own
that rarely comes to visit and
I’m sorry, I just
don’t know how to show gratitude.

I attempted
to point at the switch,
and she seemed to understand
if only for a moment.
My heart raced
as her hand
reached for the wall,
then overshot the target
for my sweater;
how considerate.
I pointed lower,
she reached for my wheelchair;
lower still
and she reached for my shoes.
Yes, of course I want to put them on,
before my socks preferably.
She must’ve sensed my frustration,
it was mirrored in her eyes
and her tears seemed to go unnoticed,
apparently for some time.

What has become of me?
How come they don’t understand?
She left sobbing,
hit the light switch
and I was alone again;
searching for my soul
in darkness,


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