Dial Me Broken

Trust that my need
to speak with you today
is crucial,
that my need
to hear your voice
above the heavily
trafficked silence
is pivotal to my existence.
No email or text message
will do,
don’t two-way or page me
I refuse
to bookmark this demand.
I need you
to whisper reassurance
through the currents,
as if I were the wire
your voice, the insulation;
may it electrify my skin again.

Our heart’s chambers and secrets
have their beats relinquished,
hung in the pendulous mind
of my alcoholic grandfather clock;
still downing our future
in shot glasses,
chasing it with my hopes
not bitter enough to spew back,
simply waiting
to be fermented.

So kindle me,
watch me scintillate excuses
still beaming for forgiveness.
Hold me between your fingers
and I’ll fuel your addiction
between the lighter
and your lips.
Inhale me slowly,
savor me long within your chest
as if the fumes of my lies
were what you needed
to survive;
and I’ll dance
forever with this moment
as if it’ll last longer
than steam on mirrors.

21 thoughts on “Dial Me Broken

    • Thank you and thank you. Flattered that you love it. I was curious as to what I did right to get so many likes on this particular poem considering I wasn’t even planning to post it today, but I’m glad I did. Hope you come back for more! 🙂

    • Not sure which comment you meant and they’re fairly similar but I approved both and I wanna thank you so much!! So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your time and compliments!

      • I meant to only post once but had a computer glitch and ended up posting twice. In retropect I must say
        Its worth complimenting two times for sure. Also I just had to reblog it. Felt it needed shared. Thanks again for sharing with us

  1. Oh wow! This was powerful. Would it be okay to repost on my facebook wall with your link. I am hosting a series of grief seminars next month and would love to share this. POWERFULLY EXPRESSED! God bless you!

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