An Honest Poem

Our Genesis began with
ear to ear smiles,
your infatuation with my floetry
that proclaimed my broken heart,
my obsession with your dimples
that whispered lies
as well as my hands could,
a lightening of lust for rain and
we both abhorred.

You see,

I remember you
as the sunsets we spent
away from each other,
the embrace
that humanized us both,
the soft caresses
that never went much further,
as patience can make us.

And even though our lips
never did,
our minds have kissed
more often than not
and your thoughts
were the balm of my
lubricating my next notion
to put in motion the forbidden but,
it’s been a while
since I’ve felt them
teasing the pulse of my
inhibitions so,
I’m craving to know
what’s on your mind.

What can I say?
You are the why.
The addiction.
The therapy.
My symptoms of withdrawal
begging to love you again;
and with my heart
bruised from you pushing
far too hard
for far too long,
yet still in your possession
you ask:
“If you had to do it all over again,
would you do it ‘til the end?”
Well, if you don’t know
the answer by now,
there’s nothing left
for me to owe you
but the revelation of my heart,
beating to be broken
once more…


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