Let us
synchronize our watches,
temper this quartz,
realign these gears,
to the moments we lost;
the hour hand
to scoured faults,
the minute’s
to those too minute,
the second’s
to those that came second to none,
to the moment before we became

Let us
excavate the grounds
of derelict vows,
expose the time capsule
of abandoned futures;
disinter the words we buried
with our former selves,
splinter them,
place them under our tongues
as they agitate us to be spoken
bleeding broken
seeping open past pursed lips,
to stir our heart’s poles
to kiss once more,
declare divorce
from the schism between.

We will
blur the shadow
of this sundial,
eclipse it with
whatever we have left to muster,
topple over the gnomon,
take its place and declare
Time, within our hands…
Making exclamation points our present,
periods our past,
and question marks?
Our definite future tense…

I’m resetting our clocks tonight,
wake me up in the past,
to a morning you existed as my sunrise.


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