Her voice,
felt like silken secrets
slipped into the cocktails
we dared not lift
if it meant to miss
a moment of indulgence;
the sly shift of chords
that poured into our synapses
collapsed upon our dam of inhibitions;
and we
were mesmerized.

She was a tease
and nothing could appease
our hunger for more skin,
a pining too insatiable
to ignore.
Our eyes tore at the seams
of her vulnerability,
left her more unveiled
than she ever intended.

Her legs, the border
of the forbidden
opened parallel to my conscious,
then looking away became the sin;
the vice, the gin
became as kin
and she
had us all sold.

Her eyes,
stripped me down
to my bones of contention
and her wink,
settled the dispute;
then for a moment
I was hers,
all hers,
‘til the morn’.

A soft brush of the lips,
the familiar caress
across my face,
the eyes that I proposed to
and promised to love
were looking deep into mine
and a sheepish blush
was all I had to offer.
She pulled me in
then whispered
through soft tears,
“I forgive you.
For better or for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health
I will cherish you
‘til you love me
as I love you…”

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