Your smile
keeps me immuned
to the tunes
of bad days,
its strung shadows
its strewn shades
hewn to the hues
of jazz and blues
melancholy grays.

I’d say
that you’re the vaccine
to the broken beats
of disheartening times.
You fill the distance
between body and mind
and honestly,
it’s hard to mind
when you’re the only thing that matters.

When life
has me shackled,
tethered to the shattered,
better bruised than battered
moments that leave me open
to more corrosive emotions;
I promise
I’m not an alcoholic.
But I’m developing
a craving to sip
the last drop of optimism
from the corner of your lips.
The rim of your dimple
has me convinced,
that the glass
is always more than half full
of second chances.

keep me living
to love again
with all the heart I have left.
keep me loving
to live,
tickling smirks into existence
between the Abilify and Zoloft,
are my favorite placebo.

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